Dad’s Lil Girl.. or The art of indulging my Inner Child!

I am in shock.

And I thought I was done with surprises and shocks for this year. Am I not hibernating to that very end?

Clearly, I had another thought coming!

I’ve received the most shocking and disgusting “love declaration” of possibly my entire life.

From a “God’s-Representative-on-Earth”

Who I was introduced to a year and a half back, and never met since except for the odd communication here and there.

For some reason, I happened to be in contact with Mr God’s-Representative-on-Earth recently. And lo and behold, out of the blue, he tells me… he loves me!


And worse, that he wants to.. kiss me!!


Beat that for shocking and disgusting!


Pray tell, what business does a priest have falling in love with me? And worse, telling me he wants to kiss me? Doesn’t he have more lofty spiritual pursuits to occupy this time, mind and hands?!

If this is not the biggest usurpation of power and betrayal of trust I’ve seen in a long while, I don’t know what is.

I am shocked. And then shocked some more. When I told him off – I called him a sick b@st@rd and told him to stay away from me or I’d tell my dad – can you believe it, he came back with ‘it is no fault of mine”.

Eh? Whose fault is it? Barrack Obama’s?

And he asked that we talk, just ‘him and me’. Frigging freaking me out this is. It shocks me that he has basically refused to acknowledge this is completely out of turn, and it worries me that he isn’t backing off.

A whirlpool of thoughts and emotions in my mind.




Nothing is sacred.

I feel sullied by his disgusting desires.

Kyle’s words. Something along the lines of, out of a hundred men in a room, 99% would be sexually attracted to me.  Even one who’s supposed to be in the 1% who is not??

I want to call John. But I am holding back. More soap for his entertainment? No thanks, I have made enough of a joke of myself over the last months.

I’ve confided in Natasha.

I’ve called Vincent in Madagascar.

Both shocked.

Do I tell my parents? Tricky this one. They would have strong reactions to this, and who knows about the repercussions?

I recall my rash, non-thought-out actions of the last months and how they have landed me in troubled waters times and times again. Haven’t I decided to think things through properly now before acting? Here’s a golden chance to exercise self-restraint isn’t it?

So no, no rashly telling my parents until I have thought this through properly. Even if I am feeling very vulnerable and exposed right now and long for their comfort.

The idea that this creep is fantasising over me disgusts me to the highest degree.

To think he has possibly been doing that over the past year and a half is simply appalling.


Well, you know what? It’s working. Against all odds it is! The keeping-real-life-and-my-lil-girl-urges separate! I’ve been quite grown up this week I have to smugly admit! In my thought process first. In the discipline to monitor progress second. In refraining from giving in to my urges last.

True, all this is hampering my feisty spontaneous nature, but it sure makes sure I cause no offense to anyone and thus have nothing to regret.

Hmmmm… Give me enough time, and I might just turn into the Lady of Procrastination!

Anabelle and I went to see Quantum of Solace yesterday. Well, at least Anabelle did. I went to see Daniel Craig!

Ohlala! This guy is seriously gorgeous! Those eyes! The rugged rough look (in the right scenes)! The gentlemanly manners! Drooling and swooning with a serious crush here! I know a guy who looks quite like him in real life! But let’s not talk of that.. yet. Suffice to say at this stage he’s the reason I indulge my inner child here!!!

Back to Daniel Craig. I totally totally dig this guy. Okay, let’s be honest, if it wasn’t for his ‘lookalike’ in real life, I would not be drooling so much! Throughout the movie I was Olga and Daniel was.. someone else! Oh and I was also that other chick from the consulate! I have a rich imagination me – and I don’t share, even in fantasies ha!

There was a scene especially in the movie that reminded me acutely of the lookalike, it was when they got lost in a cave, and Olga (I mean, I!) was cold and Daniel (I mean, he!) took his jacket off and put it on her (my!) shoulders. Once upon a time… something similar happened, except we were not in a cave but partaking in the innocent activity of drinking coffee. He said I looked so petite with his jacket on! Daniel didn’t have to say that to Olga, she’s anything but!

To be honest, I dunno if Daniel’s lookalike is like him really. I don’t know him much at all. So I dunno if he has the guts Daniel has, the brute force he showed as James Bond, and the fire under the cold blue eyes…

Strong silent type Kevin Costner has always been my bestest actor ever (I luvvvvvvvvv the strong silent type!), Daniel Craig just topped him!

Thinking of a title for this post. It can only be .. Daniel Craig of course!


I am still Dad’s Little Girl. At that uncertain age where when asked how old you are, you hesitate between early and mid thirties – as you have one foot on each side really. Does that mean I am getting old? Hum. I guess so, but I dunno really! Gosh, sometimes I wish I felt my age, then maybe I would feel old and behave more like a grown up. But I have never felt the weight of the years. I humbly admit at the ripe old age of in-between-early-and-mid-30s that I do not know how to feel old!

I am starting this blog because I hear all the time that people say blogging helps them in their self-improvement process and all that, so I thought I’d try and see if it helps any. Cause yeah, I need to grow up, surely that’s a self-improvement thing?

Okay no, I am just making that up! The blog is an excuse … to be the cheeky mischievous kid I am!! I figured that if I have a forum to indulge my inner child, the temptation to be my glorious silly self elsewhere would be easier to resist?

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